Enthusiasts Wash Essentials Kit

$99.99 $124.93
1 x Mint Ultra Soft Noodle Wash Mitt   + $0.00 $124.93
1 x Duragloss Car Wash Concentrate 473mL   + $0.00 $124.93
1 x Mint Microfibre Drying Towel Waffle Weave Extra Large   + $0.00 $124.93
1 x Duragloss All Wheel Cleaner 650mL   + $0.00 $124.93
1 x Duragloss Tyre & Rubber Dressing 562mL   + $0.00 $124.93
1 x Duragloss Aquawax 650mL   + $0.00 $124.93
1 x Mint Foam Applicator Pad   + $0.00 $124.93
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Enthusiasts Wash Essentials Kit
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This combination of products gives you everything you need to wash and really maintain your car’s exterior on a regular basis.

The Kit contains the following:

Mint Microfibre Micro-Noodle Wash Mitt – super soft and perfect for washing to avoid scratching and keep that dirt away from the surface

Duragloss Wash Concentrate – a highly concentrated, super foaming solution that cleans cars well without removing wax or sealants

Mint Microfibre Waffle Weave XL Drying Towel – the best way to dry your car. It will not drag or scratch but will absorb lots of water and produce a streak free finish

Duragloss Aquawax – the quickest and easiest way to give your car some protection and shine. Simply spray on after washing and rinsing, when the car is still wet and dry off using your Waffle Weave Towel. It will boost your protection and enhance your shine.

Duragloss All Wheel Cleaner – a great way to remove that stubborn brake dust. It is safe for most finishes including chrome, aluminium and clear coated.

Duragloss Tyre Dressing – this delivers a deep sheen to your tyres making them look new but without the mess of some dressings

Mint Foam Applicator – works well with tyre dressings to wipe on and ensure a nice consistent result.

We have put this package together to give you great products at a great price, at just $99.99 this gives you a really good solution for a professionally detailed look and saves you over 25%

Image NameQty
Mint Ultra Soft Noodle Wash Mitt1
Duragloss Car Wash Concentrate 473mL1
Mint Microfibre Drying Towel Waffle Weave Extra Large1
Duragloss All Wheel Cleaner 650mL1
Duragloss Tyre & Rubber Dressing 562mL1
Duragloss Aquawax 650mL1
Mint Foam Applicator Pad1
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