Swissvax Engine 250mL

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This Swissvax Engine 250mL product is not available in melbourne, brisbane, perth store – however you can have it delivered to you from our online warehouse.

Engine is Swissvax’s water-soluble engine cleaner. It is a concentrated formula containing citris oil additives that can be diluted with water. It is safe cleaning solution for delicate engine electrics and plastics designed for use in areas where acid based cleaners should not be used.

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Directions for use:

1. Protect areas of the engine bay that should not be wet eg; ECU, distributor, coils & spark Plugs with plastic cling film.

2. Add Swissvax Engine to a mixing bottle. If using a Swissvax mixing bottle, fill up to the “1” mark.

3. Add the correct amount of water for the desired concentration. 1-1 for heavily soiled engine compartment. 1-2 for normal soiling. 1-3 for exhaust stains on exterior paint work.

4. Spray the mixed solution evenly onto a cool , dry engine bay and let stand for 3 minutes.

5. Carefully remove oil, soot and other deposits using a small brush. The Swssvax Detail Brush is ideal. Reapply the cleaner solution as necessary to remove all deposits.

6. Spray with clean water to rinse the engine bay.

7. Remove the plastic film and dry the engine with compressed air or old towels.

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