Duragloss Matte Finish Detailer & Protectant 650ml

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Matte Detailer & Protectant is a unique formulation designed to clean, finish and protect all types of Matte surfaces including matte paint, matte vinyl, matte ppf and even matte textures.


It contains no wax, silicone or gloss enhancers; meaning it will not leave any gloss or residues that can affect the finish on Matte substrates. It does however lightly clean removing dust, fingerprints, oils and road film to reveal the real matte surface below.


After cleaning, Duragloss Matte Detailer leaves behind an invisible protection to ‘seal’ the surface and helps it repel future contamination, and like all good specialist products it offers added UV Protection to safeguard against our harsh Australian UV deterioration.


Most Matte surfaces like vinyl and paint are delicate and need added protection, this product helps you extend the life of your matte surfaces, and keeps them looking new.


Always carefully wash and dry your car first to remove dirt and grime. Duragloss Car Wash Concentrate is perfect for Matte finishes.


Shake bottle well and spray a couple of sprays onto a super-soft microfibre cloth.


Carefully wipe over the matte surface until dry. Apply to one section at a time.


Keep folding and rotating your cloth to a clean surface, before moving onto the next section or area.


Do not apply in direct sun and on hot surfaces.

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