Duragloss Interior Detailer 650ml

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Interior Detailer is a complete solution for the interior of your car cleaning, finishing and freshening most interior surfaces like dash, console, plastics and trim.


It has light cleaning properties to remove fingerprints, smudges and dust easily, while then providing an Anti-Static finish to help repel dust ongoing. It also offers vital UV Protection against the harsh sun in Australia, like a sunscreen for your dash, helping keep your interior in better condition for longer.


Combined with a fresh scent to help cleanse any bad odours, it offers a nice satin/matte factory-finish, with no greasy or oily residues.


Please note it does NOT contain the usual nasties like silicone or solvent that can destroy your dash, plastics and other delicate materials – making it safe and offering a great result.

Shake the bottle well


Spray just a few sprays into a soft, clean microfibre cloth and wipe over surfaces carefully. Continue to wipe over the surface until dry and clean.


Less product is usually best, and a good microfibre cloth


Keep folding and rotating your cloth to a clean surface before moving onto the next section or area. 


Do not spray directly onto the interior, fabric or highly delicate substrates.  Do not use if your interior is very hot, use in shade or undercover provides best results

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