Duragloss Convertible Top Fabric Restorer 236ml

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Convertible Top Fabric Restorer is a new addition to the Duragloss line-up and uses their knowledge of long-lasting protection.


Designed for Canvas Fabrics, it restores water repellency, making washing easier. It also adds UV protection, which in Australia’s harsh sun is vital to keep canvas/fabric from fading and deterioration. As well as increasing water repellence it also resists stains, bird droppings and other environmental contaminants.


Duragloss Convertible Top Fabric Restorer is recommended for all types of fabric tops. It can also be used on carpet, upholstery and awning fabrics. It will not re-dye or re-colour badly faded fabrics.



Your convertible top should be perfectly clean and dry prior to application. We advise a deep scrub using a fabric cleaner and horse hair brush to get deep into the fibres.


Shake the bottle well and apply restorer to the fabric using a low lint microfibre or foam applicator.


Allow to completely dry, preferably in the sun to accelerate the process. Drying time depends on temperature and humidity and can vary from 4 to 24 hours. Please keep your car completely dry during this time.


For best results use in warm weather, do not use on cold wet days. To further accelerate drying, a hair dryer can be used to heat the fabric.


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