Duragloss Clear Coat Polish 236mL

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Duragloss 111 Clear Coat Polish is a synthetic polymer sealant that has designed to add shine and seal it in. It is a non-abrasive synthetic formula, which delivers an incredible ‘wet look’ shine and durable protective coating.

Duragloss Clear Coat Polish is a paint sealant offering a protective coating over the top of the paint’s clear coat. This coating is then durable not only against the elements but also against most acid and alkaline washes, the ones used by commercial car washes.

Easy to apply and buff off the protective coating can last up to 6 months giving your car protection and a great wet-look shine! To add further durability we suggest applying Duragloss 601 Bonding Agent before application of Duragloss 111, or alternatively apply Duragloss 111 on top of your existing coating car.

Your car should now be looking good and feeling slick, if you really want to maximise the shine and protection top with Duragloss Fast Clean and Shine – a premium quick detailer that will bond to the polish coating, increase the shine and further extend the life of the polish.

After careful washing of your car try the Duragloss Aquawax in the drying stage to again increase the protection and shine.

To apply this coating please make sure you prepare the paint, including and correction before the application using an application pad or microfibre cloth. Once you have applied either by hand, or for best results, a DA polisher simply wipe off the haze with a clean microfibre cloth.

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