Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax Panel pot 30mL

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Supernatural' - The superwax - plain and simple. The new super premium wax from Dodo Juice, Supernatural has no added colourings or fragrances to make it as pure and effective, as possible. This Panel pot is a 30ml sample of Dodo's finest wax, a perfect way to sample the product. This small but powerful pot will give 3 coats on most size cars.

Supernatural is an enhanced formula that contains a superior percentage of the highest grade carnauba wax, maximising the purity of the core ingredients. Dodo Juice are confident that this new wax is their 'best ever' and that it will compete with waxes costing hundreds or thousands of pounds for many years to come.

Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax is made of a pure, clean number 1 grade of Carnauba Wax from Brazil. This carnauba wax is cleaned and refined of all impurities to provide a superior finish, excellent protection against rain, soil, UV rays and durability.

With an unrivalled finish, Supernatural Wax provides outstanding gloss, durability and smoothness and can be applied to any paint colour and offers great performance and durability for months to come.

Carnauba wax naturally offers excellent protection against rain, soil and UV rays. The natural, unrefined wax is incredibly hard and durable. Dodo Juice thoroughly cleaned and refined the natural carnauba wax and processed it to create a workable car wax that retains all carnauba’s natural characteristics.

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For best results: Apply by hand with a soft foam applicator using a light pressure. Cover paintwork evenly and leave for a further 30 minutes to ensure the wax has hazed. Then buff off with a high quality microfibre cloth such as Super Plush or Ultra, turning regularly to make sure the cloth surface remains clean.

Leave the surface for a further 2-4 hours, depending on temperature and then re-buff to remove any remaining oils. For very best results layer after 24 hours.

Please Note: As with any premium wax your paintwork should be prepared and ready to accept the wax. Without doing so you risk the chance of potentially not having the true finish this product can offer your paintwork. For this product use Dodo Juice Lime Prime or Lime Prime Lite pre-wax cleaner before applying any Dodo Wax to achieve the very best finish possible.

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