Dodo Juice Slip Shot 100ml

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Legendary clay lube will make about a litre of Born Slippy ready-to-spray solution. And that could be enough for a whole year's claying. Simply shake the concentrate to ensure it's well mixed, then pour half into a 500ml spray bottle and top up with water - or add the whole bottle to a litre sprayer and do the same. Give the spray bottle a final shake and you're ready to go.

And what makes Born Slippy so good? Well, it's detergent rather than silicone based (like most Quick Detailers) to prevent it clogging clays with slippery silicone oils (which can diminish the effectiveness of the clay). So it doesn't just lubricate the clay to reduce the chances of marring, but actually enhances cleansing as well,

Please note that this is 100ml of refill concentrate - it is NOT ready to use or ready mixed. Do not apply it neat or use it undiluted as a clay lube. Dilute 1:9 with water (or more) before use.

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