Dodo Juice Lime Prime Lite 250mL

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Lime Prime Lite' - the gentle pre-wax cleanser for new paints

Dodo Juice Lime Prime Lite is a pre-wax cleanser designed for new, soft or perfect paintwork, it gently cleans and prepares the surface leaving no grime or old wax residue. Because normal Lime Prime can be a little harsh to soft or new paint, especially when applied by hand, the funky Dodo Juice team decided a lighter version was needed. Lime Prime Lite is a new formulation of the already popular Lime Prime, but with NO abrasives in.

Lite is a much wetter product that doesn't dry on the surface, but is used as an active cleaner and pre-wax glaze. It is a fantastic product to use after you have machine cut/polished a surface, as there is no point re-polishing a nicely cut surface.

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