Dodo Juice Lime Prime 250mL

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Lime Prime' - the pre-wax cleanser that breaks all the rules.

As good as they are, the Dodo Juice range of soft and hard waxes isn't going to do your paint work any favours if it's applied to a nasty swirl-encrusted bonnet or door panel. Knowing that preparation is the key to a stunning paint finish, Dodo Juice delivered and Lime Prime is the result.

Dodo Juice Lime Prime is a pre-wax cleanser designed to gently clean your paintwork leaving just fresh paint panels and no grime or old wax residue. Along with removing old build-up, Lime Prime contains micro-abrasives and is a great choice for taking out light oxidisation, light scratches and swirl marks. The natural cleaning agents also help against watermarks and ingrained dirt, with the lubricating oils leaving a slick, gloss surface ready to accept your choice of the Dodo Juice range of premium waxes.

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