Dodo Juice Black Widow Sealant Wax

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Dodo Juice Black Widow Sealant / Wax is based on the award-winning blend of natural and synthetic ingredients that made Supernatural Hybrid to be quite famous for!

It has been especially formulated for black and dark coloured paintwork, this is thanks to the use of Montan Wax to really bring out the depth and richness of a dark colour. This wax is a finishing wax and has no cleaners, abrasives or harsh solvents, it do suggest that it is applied to a car that recently has had paint correction or perfect paintwork for the full benefits of Black Widows finish & looks.

As many know, waxes tend to cause a lot of beading which can occasionally cause water spots! Black Widow Wax being semi-synthetic has superb water sheeting abilities so less chance of spotting as well as 4-6 months of protection before reapplication is needed.

Whilst in form a traditional hard paste wax, it is incredibly easy to use and will make any ceramic coated car jealous with and envy the amount of flake pop and depth of shine that they only dream of!

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