Mint ProTools DA-L21 Yellow Polishing Pad

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The Mint ProTools L21 Yellow Polishing Pad offers the ability on some vehicle paints as a one-step with the right combination of Polishing compound and would be step 2 in the 3 stage process using the new range of the L21 Foam Pads.

It has been designed specifically to suit the DA-L21 Pad with a centre hole cut out to disperse maximum heat and offer a high amount of gloss and also ability to lightly cut any light to medium surface marks and scratches including removal of swirls and hologramming.

This L21 Yellow Polish Pad has also been designed with a recess ensuring you have a safe edge if coming in close contact with any edges or tighter areas whilst during the polishing process.

We would always recommend using Mint ProTools Pads with a quality polish or compound, this Yellow Cutting L21 Pad is designed to work well with light-to-medium polishing compounds such as Menzerna PF2500 and Menzerna PF2400, and will with certain colours require a final stage of finishing to achieve maximum results.

This pad suits only the DA-L21 Dual Action Random Orbital Polishing Machine and attaches via the velcro backing.

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