Swissvax Concorso 200mL

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Concorso wax produces a deep, wet, ‘show car’ shine. Enriched with passion fruit oil extracts and containing ultra pure Brazilian non-bleached and yellow grade one carnauba wax. Concorso wax first became famous at classic car exhibitions and club events.

Approx 48% Carnauba wax by volume.

Please Note: As with any premium wax your paintwork should be prepared and ready to accept the wax. For this product use a clay bar (if required) followed by Swissvax Cleaner Fluid as a pre-wax cleaner, before first applying any Swissvax Wax as the wax will not bond to bare paint surfaces.

Note that discounts do not apply to this product

Size: 200ml

Ideal Application:

Apply by hand or foam applicator pad with only a light pressure to form a uniform film. Leave for 10 minutes.

Buff off with a premium Microfibre cloth, turning occasionally to use a clean surface.

Try not to touch the paintwork for a minimum of 3 hours and if possible leave the car in the sun. During this time the luster will continue to deepen. A second buff may be beneficial at this time.

For best results (depending on vehicle usage):

After 1-3 months; simply wash, dry and just re-wax.

Then after 6-8 months; repeat the full treatment with Cleaner Fluid preparation and then wax.

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