Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Regular 100mL

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Cleaner Fluid is Swissvax’s pre-wax surface prep. When applied with heavy pressure and a soft polishing cloth it causes friction between the the product’s micro granules which leads to a progressively finer abrasive polish. Swirl marks, light scratches tar, tree sap and old waxes can be removed with Cleaner Fluid.

Like all paint treatments it should only be used on small areas at a time then buffed off with a buffing towel.

Note that discounts do not apply to this product

Ideal Application:

Thoroughly wash and dry the vehicle. Using a Swissvax Pre Wax Applicator, apply Cleaner Fluid Liberally with an even back and forth motion (not circular motion) over a small area. Work in the Cleaner Fluid with light pressure (using reciprocating strokes) until the surface becomes “saturated” Do not let dry. With a fresh Swissvax cloth, polish the treated paint area. Keep turning the cloth to expose a clean surface.

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