Swissvax Cleaner Fluid - Medium 250mL

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Cleaner Fluid – Medium is Swissvax’s pre-wax surface polish designed to rectify light blemishes and weathered paint. When applied with pressure and a soft polishing cloth it causes friction between the the product’s micro granules which leads to a progressively finer abrasive polish. Swirl marks, light scratches, tar, tree sap and old waxes can be removed with Cleaner Fluid – Medium.

After polishing the paint surface with Cleaner Fluid – Medium, the surface should be treated with Swissvax Cleaner Fluid which will nourish the paint and further prepare it for a wax layer.

Like all paint treatments it should only be used on small areas at a time then buffed off with a buffing towel.

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Ideal Application:

Thoroughly wash and dry the vehicle. Using a Swissvax Polishing cloth, apply Cleaner Fluid – Medium evenly over a small area. Work in the Cleaner Fluid – Medium with medium pressure. Do not let dry. With a fresh Swissvax cloth, buff the treated paint area. Keep turning the cloth to expose a clean surface.

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