Car Care Products 15L Bucket & Lid 15L

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The new CCP Bucket is the perfect size for washing your car, and it is the best quality bucket on the market out there. Made in Australia this is a very high quality, tough and dense plastic with a strong handle – this is NOT a cheap thin bucket imported.

With a capacity of 15 litres it provides the ideal amount of water for a Wash Bucket or a Rinse Bucket and comes with a snug fitting lid that turns this bucket into a great sealed storage for keeping your washing kit or detailing products in.

And the best part is the famous Grit Guard will fit this high quality bucket perfectly! Allowing for a complete washing system to fit against swirls.

Proudly Made in Australia.

To accompany your 2 Bucket Wash Method, maybe consider grabbing a Wash & Rinse Bucket Stickers Set here!

Please note; this listing is for a Bucket & Lid only – although illustrated it does not contain a Grit Guard

NOTE: This item is excluded from any promotion offer

We suggest combining 2 Buckets for the safest wash to avoid any risk of swirls, marring and paint damage. Using 1 bucket fill with clean fresh washer, and your second bucket (the wash bucket) with pH Neutral Shampoo - wash one area at a time, rinsing into your fresh clean bucket to release any dirt. Repeat until vehicle is washed & clean.

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