Bucket + Grit Guard Combo

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Bucket + Grit Guard Combo

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The perfect solution for washing your car easily – the CCP Bucket combined with a Grit Guard.

The new CCP Bucket is the perfect size for washing your car, and it is the best quality bucket on the market out there. Made in Australia this is a very high quality, tough and dense plastic with a strong handle – this is NOT a cheap thin bucket imported. With a capacity of 15 litres it provides the ideal amount of water for a Wash Bucket or a Rinse Bucket and comes with a fitting lid that turns this bucket into a great sealed storage for keeping your washing kit or detailing products in.

The Grit Guard is an innovative product to help in the battle against wash marks and swirls and fits perfectly inside the CCP bucket. It is a round plastic insert that you place in the bottom of your bucket to ensure that you do not pick up contaminants (grit, dirt etc.) with your mitt and put them back on the car, inducing swirls and wash marks.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • High-quality 15L bucket and lid provide ample capacity for washing and rinsing
  • Grit Guard bucket insert traps dirt and grit at the bottom of the bucket, preventing swirls and scratches
  • Durable construction ensures long-lasting performance
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Compatible with various car washing methods

Elevate your car washing routine with our Bucket + Grit Guard Combo. This package includes a high-quality 15L bucket with a lid and a Grit Guard bucket insert, providing you with the essential tools for a safe and efficient car wash.

The 15L bucket and lid combination offers ample capacity for holding water and cleaning solutions, allowing you to wash and rinse your vehicle without the need for frequent refills. The lid ensures that your cleaning solutions remain secure and reduces the risk of spills or contamination during storage.

The Grit Guard bucket insert is a game-changer in car washing. Placed at the bottom of the bucket, it acts as a barrier, trapping dirt, grit, and other contaminants and preventing them from coming into contact with your wash mitt or sponge. This innovative solution significantly reduces the chances of swirls and scratches on your vehicle's paintwork, preserving its pristine finish.

Built with durability in mind, both the bucket and the Grit Guard insert are made to withstand the demands of regular car washing. They are designed for ease of use, making your car washing experience more enjoyable and efficient.

Whether you're a car enthusiast or a professional detailer, our Bucket + Grit Guard Combo is a must-have addition to your car care arsenal. Experience the peace of mind that comes with a safe and effective car wash, and ensure your vehicle maintains its showroom shine for years to come.

Step 1: Preparing the Bucket

1. Ensure the Bucket + Grit Guard Combo is clean and free from any debris.

2. Fill the bucket with water or your preferred car cleaning solution, leaving enough space to accommodate your wash mitt or sponge.

3. Securely attach the lid to the bucket to prevent spills and contamination.

Step 2: Placing the Grit Guard

1. Take the Grit Guard and position it at the bottom of the bucket.

2. Ensure it fits snugly and lies flat at the bottom.

Step 3: Washing the Vehicle

1. Dip your wash mitt or sponge into the bucket, allowing it to make contact with the water or cleaning solution.

2. Gently move the wash mitt or sponge across the vehicle's surface, applying even pressure.

3. Rinse the wash mitt or sponge in the bucket after each section to remove dirt and contaminants.

4. As you rinse, ensure the wash mitt or sponge rubs against the Grit Guard at the bottom of the bucket to dislodge any trapped debris.

5. Repeat the washing and rinsing process until the entire vehicle is cleaned.

Step 4: Rinse and Dry

1. Once the vehicle is washed, rinse it thoroughly with clean water.

2. Dry the vehicle using a microfiber towel or drying cloth to prevent water spots.

Step 5: Cleaning and Maintenance

1. After each use, empty the bucket and dispose of any remaining water or cleaning solution.

2. Clean the bucket, lid, and Grit Guard with mild soap and water.

3. Allow the items to air dry completely before storing.

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