Mint ProTools ROD Black Final Finishing Pad 80mm

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The Mint Protools Black Final Finishing Pad is an ultra-fine finishing pad. It is designed to be the last stage in the polishing process to develop high gloss and depth within your paint. This super soft unique flat foam pad will remove light haze from previous medium cutting stages to give a smooth, even and perfect finish.

The Mint Protools Pads are made from a high quality European foam, designed to work with quality polishes to produce professional results. Each pad has the Velcro backing recessed from the edge to reduce the possibility or marking the paint when working in tight areas.

We would always recommend using Mint Protools Pads with a quality polish or compound, this Black Final Finishing pad is designed to work with finishing polishes, and is also perfect for applying sealants, liquid waxes and glazes.

This pad suits both Rotary and Dual Action machines, attaches via the Velcro back and is designed to work with a 3" (75mm) backing plate.

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