RUPES Bigfoot Polisher LHR15E Mark II

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The newest RUPES Big Foot Polisher LHR15E MKII (Mark 2) has arrived and is 30% more efficient than the previous version! RUPES have made further improvements to the body, internals such as motor, and chassis making correcting your paint smoother and quicker than ever before!

This innovative polishing buffing tool enables you to obtain excellent results in a faster time. This polisher (LHR15E MKII) has a safe Random Orbital action with an orbit of 15mm will provide a wide throw to maximise polishing ability, but accurate and precise for smaller surface areas to ensure perfect coverage on all panels contoured or flat.

Technical Specs:

- Australian 240V Approved

- RPM Speed: 2500 to 5300

- Power: 500 Watts

- Weight of Tool: 2.25 kgs.

- Orbit: 15mm

This RUPES Dual Action Polisher 15mm MKII (LHR15E MKII) is fitted with an electronic feedback control which maintains a constant speed when polishing. The Random Orbital motion is safe and ideal for consistent polishing results without holograms or buffer trails.

The Soft Start feature guarantees a smooth acceleration to prevent ‘sling’ of polishes, and the variable control offers 6 power settings to control the torque and speed easily.

The RUPES ‘Bigfoot’ has a sleek ergonomic handle for operator comfort and comes with a quality polyurethane backup pad specially designed for this new style of polisher.

This Polisher offers top Italian quality combined with the need for a lower skill level of operation then a conventional rotary style polisher – overall providing an excellent professional tool for detailers, body shops and serious enthusiasts.

This item is the LHR15ES Bigfoot Polisher & Backing Plate only.

Please note that RUPES recommend the use of speed 4 for all polishing and correction (cutting) to ensure maximum results and finish due to the efficient balance and improved motor in the MKII range.

We also offer the new Mark II BigFoot in a Deluxe Kit that offers all the consumables you need to get the most from you polisher here: Rupes Bigfoot LHR15ES MKII Deluxe Kit

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