Autoglym Silicone Free Plastic Conditioner 1 Litre

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Protect and condition your car's plastic surfaces with Autoglym Silicone Free Plastic Conditioner. This product is specially formulated to nourish and protect all types of plastic, leaving them looking like new and helping to prevent fading and cracking. It is perfect for use on unpainted exterior plastics and rubber including bumpers, grills, mirror casings, door seals and tyres. This product is free of silicone, ammonia and silica. It is also neutral pH and hence safe for use in Body Shop environments.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Protects and conditions all types of plastic surfaces
  • Helps prevent fading and cracking
  • Leaves a natural-looking finish
  • Contains no silicone
  • Easy to use

Autoglym Silicone Free Plastic Conditioner is a premium-quality product that is specially formulated to protect and condition all types of plastic surfaces. It contains no silicone, making it safe to use on all types of plastic, including those that are painted or coated.

The powerful formula of Autoglym Silicone Free Plastic Conditioner helps to nourish and protect plastic surfaces, preventing fading and cracking. It leaves a natural-looking finish that does not leave any greasy or sticky residue, allowing you to enjoy the full beauty of your car's plastic surfaces.

Autoglym Silicone Free Plastic Conditioner is suitable for use on all types of plastic surfaces, including dashboards, door panels, exterior trim, and bumpers. It is easy to use and provides excellent results, leaving your car looking like new.

Step 1: Preparation

Before using Autoglym Silicone Free Plastic Conditioner, ensure that the surface you are treating is clean and dry. Use Autoglym Interior Shampoo or Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner to clean the surface, depending on the area you are treating.

Step 2: Application

Apply Autoglym Silicone Free Plastic Conditioner to a clean, dry microfiber cloth or foam applicator. Apply the conditioner evenly to the surface you are treating, using a circular motion. Avoid over-application or excessive saturation.

Step 3: Buffing

Allow the conditioner to dry for a few minutes before buffing the surface with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. This will help to remove any excess conditioner and ensure a smooth, even finish.

Step 4: Maintenance

For best results, reapply Autoglym Silicone Free Plastic Conditioner regularly to maintain the appearance and protection of your surfaces. Avoid using the conditioner on hot surfaces, or in direct sunlight, as this can cause the product to dry out too quickly.

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