Duragloss Aluminum Wheel Cleaner 650mL

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Duragloss Aluminum Wheel Cleaner is designed to clean ‘raw’ aluminium wheels. This powerful aluminium cleaner is a blend of selected acids and surfactants that will easily remove brake dust, road film and oils from dull and semi-dull aluminum wheels. This cleaner is fast acting and brightens aluminium as it cleans.

It can also be used on other aluminum surfaces such as semi-dull bull bars, tanks and even on other non-ferrous meatls suchas brass or copper. *Caution:* this is a professional strength product, use with care.

NOT recommended for use on very highly polished Aluminium surfaces, clear coated or painted wheels, plastics or glass.

All surfaces need to be cool and undercover/shade. Rinse surface first to remove loose dirt or dust. Spray Aluminium Cleaner on to the surface starting at the bottom and working towards the top. Allow 1-2 minutes only to dwell, a fizzing or foaming reaction will take place, then rinse very well with cold water. For heavily oxidized or tarnished surfaces a second application may be required.

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