Menzerna 3 in 1 1L

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Menzerna 3 in 1 Cut, Gloss & Wax is the latest in Menzerna’s range and offers an “All In One” (AIO) solution. Like all Menzerna products, it offers the latest and finest ingredients to provide quality and consistent results each and every time.

Menzerna 3 in 1 has been designed to remove light swirls, mild surface imperfections, water spots and other light blemishes with one quick easy step. It will also leave the surface extremely glossy, haze free and protected with a layer of wax which will protect for months, not just weeks! Use 3 in 1 as a One-Step finisher to save time and leave your car with that showroom finish!

Apply Menzerna 3 in 1 Cut, Gloss & Wax using a DA Polisher such as the DAS6, DAS6 Pro, L15 or L21 with a soft polishing pad for best results.

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